Meet Our HR Manager: Tiffani Merridy

Orakel Marketing has an exciting introduction- our powerhouse HR Manager, Tiffani Merridy! Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Merridy has been with the team since May of this year and has spent the summer perfecting her craft, building our team, and infusing the office with endless positivity. In this one on one interview with Tiffani Merridy, we discussed team building, company culture, and the road that brought her here.

What childhood experiences were most influential in your life?

“I have a big family. My grandparents had seventeen children and my mom so happens to be the seventeenth child, which makes me the youngest grandchild. Growing up, I appreciated the times I had with my grandparents because they were older. I learned from a young age the importance of having a relationship with God and a love of His church. I also cherish all the lessons that were taught. My grandfather worked over forty years at Exxon and my grandmother was a cook and a missionary. Though I was not around during the days when they were doing most of these things, I do still remember being surrounded by love, hard work and humbleness. I’m grateful because who I am today is a result of them and the prayers that they prayed for me. In middle school, I was nominated out of a list of other students to be voted as Student of the Year. Although, I didn’t win it made me realize how my teachers viewed me as a leader and someone to represent the school.

I grew up in a single parent household; my brother and I are twelve years apart, so the majority of my childhood I grew up as the only child in the household. Through those years, I never witnessed my mom complain or give up. Everything I wanted and needed, she provided for me. She raised me to have a relationship with God, love my family and friends, and to respect my elders. She also taught me to also be polite. Still to this day, I make sure I treat everyone with respect because that was what I was taught. My mom is a soft-spoken woman who is humble and loving. Every day, my prayer is that God will continue to bless her and keep her around so that one day I can do for her ten times as much as she has done for me.”

How would your mom and peers describe you?

“I think they would describe me as hardworking, determined, ambitious, blunt, responsible, independent, smart, talented, funny, and a true boss.”

Were you involved in any sports or extracurriculars?

“I played volleyball in middle school, the violin through high school, was president of the Key Club, and served as a member of both the Beta Club and the National Honors Society. It’s good to be competitive because in that environment, it pushes you. Being in a group settings taught me to be a hard worker, put in what I want to get out, and give my all.”

What was your childhood dream job?

“My dream jobs changed over time as a child. I started off wanting to be a police officer, then a teacher, and then in middle school a cardiologist. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to be my own boss. When I entered college, I started off majoring in Pre-Med with a minor in Business and the intentions of owning my own practice. I knew in some way I would end up helping people and also interacting with people, but I did not know exactly in what field.”

Tell us about your college experience.  

“I attended LSU, where I studied business management. I was a member of the Student Government Association, as well as multiple business clubs and fraternities.  LSU is a big deal in Louisiana. My house was ten minutes away, but I still wanted to have that college experience, so I stayed on campus for all four years. During the fall, football was a big deal so no matter how cold, hot, rainy, early or late a game was, you either tailgated, went to the game or did both. Most of the time I went to the games because I grew up watching the games on tv. I enjoyed being in the student section and watching LSU play live. My freshman year I was walking to the union and saw Odell Beckham casually walking out and eating McDonald’s – he’s my favorite football player. LSU is a huge campus so starting out, the majority of my classes consisted of nearly three hundred students. This was intimidating at first but overtime I started to see the same faces in my class, and that’s when friendships started to flourish. I guess you can say I bleed purple and gold. Live Purple, Love Gold! Geaux Tigers!”

What would you consider to be your greatest skill, quality, or asset?

“I am very organized. I believe it is important to be organized in order to reach, maintain and execute goals.”

How would you describe the culture at your company?

“Our culture is close-knit, open, welcoming, growing, learning, and uncomfortable at times to apply the pressure necessary to be grow.”  

How has this career changed you as a person?

“It has taught me how to respond to adversity, be intentional, express gratitude and take initiative.  It also taught me that I am very particular about the ways I want things to be done.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“In five years I see myself being a better daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. I also see myself having a deeper and stronger relationship with God as He continues to shape and mold me into the person He wants me to be. I see myself with financial freedom and time with multiple streams of income. I see myself being a leader in the community and providing for the less fortunate.”

How would you describe the culture to a prospective job candidate?

“Learning, growing, unique, and creative.”

What qualities do you look for when recruiting?

“Leadership, relatable, outgoing, and expressive.”

What resume advice do you have for candidates?

“Keep it simple and concise because the majority of the time recruiters are looking for key words. Also, know your audience and understand the position you are applying for so you can stand out.”

What’s one tip you wish more people knew when coming in to interview?

“Dress and play the role you are applying for. Walk in knowing you already have the job, not in a cocky way, but having confidence that you will get the job.”

What is something you’ve learned through your work you didn’t know before?

“I didn’t realize how competitive I was until I was in a competitive environment every day. Starting out, I thought to myself ‘oh no, I’m not that competitive,’ but throughout the weeks and months on the team, I started to see how competitive I was with wanting to be at the top.”

How do you personally plan to contribute to Orakel Marketing’s growth?

“Building stronger relationships, having fun outside of the office, making sure I’m there for team night and crew nights and overall having a good office presence.”

Here at Orakel Marketing, we feel lucky to have such a strong and inspiring leader in Tiffani Merridy. “I love being able to hold my team accountable,” says Merridy, “if I can hold someone accountable, I know that we have built a good enough relationship for them to take constructive criticism and turn it into action.”

Looking for a little inspiration from Merridy herself? Her recommended reads include “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napolean Hill, “Stand By Your Truth and Then Run For Your Life,” by Rickey Smiley, and “Act Like Success, Think Like Success,” by Steve Harvey.

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