From Enlisted Officer to Civilian: Jordan Glover’s Inspiring Story

In a conversation with one of Orakel Marketing‘s top Account Managers, Jordan Glover, the leader shared the secrets to his success and the road that brought him to entrepreneurship. The 22-year-old visionary and South Carolina native joined the Orakel team in October of 2019. Despite his early dreams of a career in law, Glover sought the opportunity to encourage and change lives. 

After high school graduation, Jordan Glover enlisted in the Marine Corps. “I saw a great opportunity and took it,” says Glover, “I gained countless life lessons and experiences that I still carry today. The experience made me more stable and adaptable.”

Jordan Glover’s competitive edge was born in childhood and became more solid with each passing year. “I’m competitive when I get the chance to be,” says Glover, “I ran track briefly in high school and was a member of the drill team through ROTC.” Aside from a competitive edge, Glover brings to the table his dazzling personality and unique mindset. 

Any valuable career will bring with it lessons and experiences that grow and change us. “I have seen such growth within myself and those I work with,” says Glover, “I feel grateful for the opportunity to take the skills I have gained into my future life and career.” Glover’s source of difficulty and the catalyst of his personal growth was the transition from enlisted officer to civilian. “It was a tough transition and required me to take on a new mindset,” says Glover, “I learned the value of a student mentality and found motivation within myself. I want to succeed, and I refuse to fail. I define success as having the freedom to be yourself with no worries.”

When he’s not setting the pace for our team and client, you can find Jordan watching Anime or listening to music. In the next five years, Jordan Glover hopes to carry the title of consultant and earn a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and sociology. As for the rest of us, we can keep our eyes peeled for the future self-titled autobiography of his life, N-E-G-U-S: The Growth of a King. 

“I don’t know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived.”

Will Smith

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