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COVID-19 has rocked the entire country, and sadly, we have not been immune to it. Our client has suffered, our face-to-face sales operations have halted abruptly, and our executive team had to pivot everything from internal communications to day-to-day operations online. Needless to say, times have been challenging and our limits have been tested. But, like true entrepreneurs, we have adjusted. We have placed our entire focus on the safety and satisfaction of our people, ensuring that when all this passes, we’re not just left standing but running.

We asked our team to share firsthand how they thought we handled the pandemic:

Working with Orakel Marketing during COVID-19 has honestly been exciting. While everyone else was stagnant, losing their jobs, not developing themselves, we were hard at work. Brad was, and still is, very proactive and helped us mentally prepare for and accept what was about to come our way mid-March. He made sure we were always doing something to better ourselves, whether it was reading books, keeping our skills sharp by practicing, listening in on Zoom meetings, or connecting online with guest speakers and sales consultants. When my grandmother passed away because of COVID-19, Brad consistently checked in on me, making sure I was ok and being the friend/family I needed during that time. These are just some of the small things, but not all, that Orakel Marketing has helped me with during this time of crisis in the world.

Sammy Smith, Sales Consultant

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Orakel Marketing ensured there was no gap in development and training with consistent Zoom calls, team meetings, and virtual team nights. We had multiple Zoom calls with very successful people from all walks of life, but being able to run virtual calls for our team myself proved the growth I’ve had since the start of my journey here. Lastly, the constant availability for one-on-one virtual interaction with hundreds of executives was extremely helpful and proved the devotion they have to the futures of others. 

Sarah Boquet, Lead Account Executive

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Orakel Marketing and AT&T made sure to keep everyone motivated and active within the business. We were able to attend  Zoom meetings that continued to develop our skills and provided positive output for practical application. AT&T has set a good example by showing ways to stay safe at this time and providing steps to utilize PPE. Our self development was never compromised, and I oddly enough enjoyed the time working from home.

Jordan Glover, Territory Account Manager

During the quarantine break, Orakel Marketing made sure that growth was still a part of our daily routine. Focusing on the “big picture” and giving us valuable information & knowledge from top people in our industry was priceless. The quarantine had very little effect on me personally. I was still able to grow & learn while getting paid for it in the process.

Adrian Paul, Senior Team Supervisor

Working at Orakel Marketing during the pandemic showed me how much of a family we really are. While we weren’t able to physically work together for safety reasons, we continued to learn and develop through Zoom trainings and developmental meetings with management. Staying connected to everyone and working as a team made it easier to get through the pandemic, as did getting paid consistently. The best part of working at Orakel through the pandemic for me, however, was that management took employee’s safety and concerns into consideration at all times.

Grayson Maxfield, Brand Representative

Despite being in an impossible situation, removed from each other, our customers, and our clients, we’ve made the best of it these last 5 months. Shockingly, we feel more prepared, more energized, and more confident than ever to dominate the goals we set for the year back in 2020. People might joke that 2020 needs to be cancelled, and there’s no denying it’s been an absolutely tragic year, but we’re grateful for our health, grateful to still be gainfully employed, and grateful to still have the same opportunities available to us when the world returns back to normal.

Life is short, and your health is paramount to achieving your career goals, so always prioritize it. Until the world returns to normal, safe safe, and stay masked, friends.

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