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Orakel Marketing is a newly founded and flourishing firm located in Columbia, SC. Despite our youth in business, we already find ourselves as a leader in the sales and marketing industry through a partnership with one of the top telecommunications companies in the WORLD! We provide our client and all future clients a 100% return on investment by lowering both their overhead and opportunity costs through outsourcing!

How does Orakel Marketing offer such services? Firstly, we inherit the cost of onboarding, training, retaining, and developing employees. Secondly, we develop a structured and systematic sales approach, that is easy to replicate, no matter the person or region. While sales are the cornerstone of all company’s growth and what we specialize in for our client, we concentrate on building well-rounded individuals with great communication, persuasion and leadership skills! Orakel Marketing has created a structured 12-18 month Management Development Program that offers intensive and extensive personal and professional growth, and allows our client the opportunity to be represented by Columbia’s best talent!

The competitive and team-oriented environment at Orakel Marketing has allowed us to build a culture of relentless and adaptable individuals who act with integrity and poise in all they do! If you are a client looking for representation, or a marketing/sales professional looking for a work environment that matches both your personality and ambition, you’ve come to the right place. Please visit our website at https://orakelmarketing.com or feel free to contact us!


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